Hydrogen Conversion Turbofan (HOT)

The project “Hydrogen Conversion Turbofan” (HOT) aims to develop a retrofit modification, enabling existing jet aircraft to be suitable for hydrogen combustion in a hybrid solution. Moreover, this can still involve the use of kerosene or a greener variant thereof (bio or synthetic).

This solution is being developed for the existing fleet of jet aircraft of the A320 and B737 family. By converting these aircraft into more sustainable variants, we accelerate the transition of aviation. The solution is particularly suitable for aircraft that have been in operation for about 10 to 15 years and are due for major maintenance. The conversion takes place during this maintenance period.

As a test aircraft, a twin-engine Fokker 100 is being converted into a demonstrator aircraft. In this demonstrator, the fuel system for cryogenic liquid hydrogen for direct combustion can be tested in an operational environment. One engine is adapted to burn hydrogen. The result is the Fokker 100 technological demonstrator aircraft with a safe hydrogen fuel system and a modified Rolls Royce Pearl 15 engine.

Short term results

  • The conceptual design for a safe hydrogen fuel system for the Fokker F100 will be completed.
  • The pre-design phase concludes with a Preliminary Design Review (PDR).
  • In CAVENDISH, the conceptual design for the required structural and system modifications to the Fokker F100 for the new engines will be developed.

Project contact person

The contact person for this project is Juriaan Kellermann, juriaan.kellermann@ngaircraft.com.

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