Aviation in Transition

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Flying demonstrators


In 2050, aviation must be climate-neutral, and for that, momentum is crucial. Through Aviation in Transition, the Netherlands strengthens its position as an innovative and resilient leader in aviation.


Within Aviation in Transition, various stakeholders, ranging from universities, knowledge organizations, and SMEs to large enterprises, are united. In close collaboration, they work on the accelerated development of breakthrough technologies that make crucial systems, and consequently, future aircrafts ultra-efficient and free of CO2 emissions. The Dutch government contributes to this mission with essential support from the National Growth Fund, as well as supportive policies to facilitate the introduction of “new flying.”


Between 2023 and 2030, a range of projects will be undertaken to develop technologies, build sustainable knowledge, and strengthen the aviation ecosystem. As a result, we will have enough trained individuals for the transition to a new aviation system, and we can secure a stronger market position within the global chain.


The 12 sub-projects are divided into 3 project lines: Sustainable Technology, Sustainable Knowledge & Sustainable Ecosystem.

Sustainable Technology

This project line achieves 3 demonstration aircraft on hydrogen, (re)constructed with new electrical systems and lightweight materials.

The 6 technical projects

Sustainable knowledge

In this project line, knowledge institutes collaborate with companies on research to achieve sustainable aviation in the long term.

The 3 knowledge projects

Sustainable Ecosystem

Activities under this project line include creating conditions for innovation and employment in the Dutch aviation sector.

The 3 ecosystem projects

Subsidy scheme LiT

Opening of new subsidy scheme Luchtvaart in Transitie (LiT) for entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes.


Launch of the International Advisory Council

On March 7, the first meeting of the International Advisory Council (IAC) of Aviation in Transition took place. This council consists of experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the aviation sector and related topics. During this meeting, t…


Project leads subprojects

In the project, more than 60 parties from the industrial sector, small and medium-sized enterprises, and knowledge and educational institutes collaborate. The project leads of the 12 sub-projects are: