Advanced Electrical Wiring

This project aims to develop advanced high-power wiring systems for increased electrical power in hybrid-electric aircraft and hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Sustainable aviation requires alternative energy carriers and propulsion systems. Conventional propulsion systems are being replaced by (hybrid) electric propulsion systems. This transition is only possible with the introduction of new advanced electrical wiring systems. To achieve this, new knowledge, technologies, and products are needed to safely distribute high power with the least possible increase in weight throughout the aircraft.

The amount of electrical wiring in the current generation of aircraft has significantly increased as hydraulic and pneumatic systems are replaced by electric systems. Currently, an aircraft suitable for medium-haul flights contains approximately 55 kilometers of cables, 16,000 cable segments, 50,000 connections, and 4,000 connectors, terminals, and the like.

The work packages in this subproject are:

  • Electrical wiring systems suitable for high voltage for (hybrid) electric propulsion systems.
  • Disruptive data networks and technologies, including wireless communication, with the potential to replace conventional electrical wiring systems.
  • Integrated electrical wiring systems focused on lightweight and space-saving solutions.
  • Automated production technologies for electrical wiring systems.
  • Automated design and production preparation for electrical wiring systems.

Short term results

In 2023, the groundwork for future developments will be laid, including the establishment of ‘use cases’ and the definition of requirements. Fundamental knowledge development projects will commence, focusing on the electrical, thermal, and electromagnetic behavior of future electrical wiring systems. The acquired knowledge will guide product development. Additionally, current design, production preparation, and manufacturing processes will be inventorized, and automation initiatives will be initiated.

By 2026, demonstrations of high-voltage wiring systems will take place on relevant demonstration aircraft platforms. The most promising disruptive technologies for data transfer and automation solutions for both design and production processes of electrical wiring systems will be selected and showcased during this period.

Project contact person

Contact person for this project is Johnny van Lugtenburg,

Project lead


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