Hydrogen Aircraft Powertrain and Storage Systems (HAPSS)

The project focuses on translating proven technologies from the automotive and maritime industries into solutions for aviation. HAPSS is dedicated to utilizing liquid hydrogen, fuel cells, electric motors, and efficient, silent propellers.

By 2027, we aim to have a flying HAPSS demonstrator aircraft derived from a large regional turboprop airplane. We will also develop products for the other two hydrogen demonstrator aircraft.

Conscious Aerospace will expedite the implementation of zero-emission hydrogen-based aviation by introducing it to the market through retrofitting currently operational large regional turboprop aircraft (>36 seats). This market segment is well-known globally, with the retrofit approach providing airlines with a solution to extend the lifespan of their airframes.

Led by Conscious Aerospace, HAPSS comprises at least 12 Dutch companies and institutions bringing unique competitive technologies, capabilities, and know-how. These ensure that we can offer the first fully certified solution for large regional turboprop aircraft (CS25).

Objective of the project

In 2028, we will fly with a converted regional turboprop aircraft from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to London.

This subproject represents the initial step for the Dutch aviation industry towards positioning itself as a Tier-1 supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-electric powertrains to international aircraft manufacturers, aviation, and leasing companies starting from 2028.

Short term results

  • A detailed definition of the aircraft system configuration aimed at the Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • Activities on the test facilities for our Iron-Bird test environment
  • A definition for HAPSS products for application to the other 2 demonstrator aircraft within Aviation in Transition

Project contact person

Contact person for this project is Kees van der Snel, kees.vandersnel@consciousaerospace.com.

Project lead


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