Strengthening the Ecosystem

The aim of this subproject is to strengthen the aviation ecosystem in the Netherlands. This project facilitates and promotes collaboration between current and new players. The aviation ecosystem includes a wide variety of organizations, including small and large companies, knowledge institutes, and government agencies. A well-functioning ecosystem efficiently addresses developments and can strengthen each other to bring new products and services to the market in the Netherlands successfully and at an accelerated pace. The dynamics of this complex aviation ecosystem require continuous monitoring, evaluation of required skills, and collaboration, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, and scale-ups.

The subproject ‘Strengthening Ecosystem’ extensively focuses on connecting parties. This is done through intensive collaboration with the involved parties within the subprojects and by identifying potential partners outside the current LiT network. In this context, the project plays a crucial role as an advisor and broker.

It is also crucial to support (starting) parties in bringing their knowledge to the market (valorization). In addition to technical innovations, a large number of other factors play a role, such as intellectual property, knowledge of customer and certification requirements, and familiarity with financing options, both for research, development, and industrialization. The valorization broker provides guidance in this process.

The project ‘Strengthening Ecosystem’ is an overarching initiative that will contribute to achieving the goals of Aviation in Transition, namely accelerating the transition to sustainable aviation and increasing the earning capacity of the Dutch aviation manufacturing and MRO ecosystem.

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